Hey, Hey !

Welcome to Unique Images By Sharyn A. Yes Sharyn A. I LOVE, LOVE photography!

I love everything photography, whether it was newborn, baby, family or cake smash photography. I love clicking the camera, hearing the shutter noise, seeing smiles and definitely seeing families happy!

I love my Job, there is not a day that goes past that I don’t shop or look for a new prop to use, I’m prop addicted. If you’re a newborn photographer and reading this, I think you know what I mean:).

I love meeting new people, creating beautiful images and how can I forget to mention, developing great friendship and new clients.

Where do I get my passion for photography? That’s an easy, easy question 🙂

Sharyn A from Unique Images

My passion first started when I went with my father (who is a photographer of many, many years) to work one day. I was like AHH, this camera isn’t so bad, So my father taught me all that I needed to know. I began to take photos of newborns and it all begun there, I loved everything about photography, the results that were so inspiring.

I hope to meet you all soon and be the one who creates your long lasting memories

Love Sharyn A xox